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POWL is founded by Paulus Pratama. They work with 2 of sisters Paula and Paulin. The name is originally from founder name “Paul” to be Powl. Powl purpose to make an innovation design and to change the value. We concern to develop waste material or something useless and un value. We want to change something to be better. We believe nothing is more beautiful than love. todevelope our culture company and our product we work based on our value

Our Value:
P  = Passionate
O  = Originality
W = Wonderfull
L  = Long lasting

Logo form inspired by +/- illustration which have two meaning picture if we think a different side. We combining this concept with recycle logo. As a result Our logo have two narrow, black narrow and white narrow which cannot be sperated each other. This concept like Yin and Yang concept. We also adopted Yin Yang concept about harmony living. We concern to the nature and environment. We believe we can life harmony with nature if we care with them.